Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard tool for vector drawing and illustration, used by a wide variety of creative professionals including editorial illustrators, identity designers, textile and pattern designers, UI designers, motion artists and many others. It's always been an incredibly versatile tool, thanks to a broad feature set, and of course the fact that vector graphics are infinitely scalable and in most cases relatively lightweight.

Over the years the application has been given some quite remarkable features - from the Gradient Mesh in the 1998 release of version 8 to multiple art boards in CS4 and the Perspective Grid in CS5 (which Adobe ported across from Free Hand  the tool it bought from Macromedia and then phased out), it is a behemoth of an application, whether you want to create photo realistic illustrations or slick logos. So, what has Adobe done in Adobe Illustrator CS6? A facelift, some speed improvements, a few tweaks and one major addition that illustrators and designers in particular will love are all on the agenda.

The first thing you notice about Adobe Illustrator CS6 is that it looks different. If you've seen Photoshop CS6 you won't be that surprised - by default it's charcoal grey. Like Photoshop, it gives Illustrator an undeniably more professional feel. The thing is, it doesn't really feel like Illustrator to a user of many years. It feels more like a post production tool - matching that of After Effects. But this is a minor, minor gripe. In fact, it's not even a gripe, it's purely an observation. And, designers and illustrators being the creatures of habit that they are, the most likely thing they'll do is go to Illustrator>Preferences>User Interface and change the brightness setting back to Medium Light or light. Something in this preference pane that isn't in the Photoshop equivalent is a slider and percentage field, which enables you to set the brightness of the interface exactly how you want it.

What are you waiting for? Download Adobe Illustrator CS6 from the download link below. It is full version and just follow simple instruction inside. Enjoy.